A Trip Down Longitude Lane

On my strolls through the historic district, I discover hidden gems each day- my latest obsession: Longitude Lane.

Longitude Lane is an easily overlooked country road nestled between East Bay Street & Meeting Street. It is a glimpse of Charleston in the late 17th century: cobblestone, colonial architecture, and stone walls. A narrow and unpaved path, it is accessible only by foot; poles blockade each entrance with “No Motor Vehicles” signs attached. It therefore maintains a sense of privacy and remains relatively free from tourists.

Each colonial architectural home is a subtle reminder of 17th century life. Perhaps not as grand in scale as the mega-mansions along the Battery; yet, equally as charming.

Protected by stone barrier walls, Longitude Lane hints at Charleston’s walled city past. The antiquated path is further adorned with sweeping magnolias, climbing ivy and private gardens. It is the ultimate oasis from the hustle and bustle that surrounds.

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Where Longitude Lane meets East Bay Street
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Dead End warning
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Cobblestones, stone walls, and greenery
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More stone walls and greenery
Just one of the charming homes found on Longitude Lane
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“No motor vehicles”